Sunday, November 10, 2013

Act 2

Tomorrow is our last performance.....for now.

It's been such a crazy whirlwind. When we got accepted to N.E.W Musicals, we were excited. No doubt. It was going to be a great opportunity, do the show again, work out some kinks, brush things up and maybe get some people interested.

Our expectations got wildly exceeded. Since May, we have had so many amazing and unexpected things happen with this adventure.

We cast the show with the most incredible people. We have said again and again throughout our lives that truly amazing talent comes from people with truly amazing hearts. These people have not only breathed life beautifully into this show, but they are such sweet spirited, kind and loving human beings. They cheer each other on, they get excited to see each other each performance and rehearsal, they NEVER have caused an ounce of drama, they have taken direction, listened and learned quickly, have cared about us and this project, have promoted it, they have gone to each other's additional performances and gigs, have done it ALL with smiles and laughter and the list goes on and on. What do you say to a group of people who have done nothing but enrich your lives AND be part of the beginning of the biggest project of your life? There are no words. Not to mention being championed and promoted by the producer who sees a LOT of shows come and go and believes in US. It's humbling across the board.

 We have drummed up more buzz than we had imagined we could with this first reading. As two kids from nowhere, Idaho, to go from there to sitting across the table from a Broadway producer who has heard the name of your show is exhilarating. To have your show promoted in Broadway World feels unreal. To have people in the industry support and pay attention to something you love and are passionate about is just one more humbling experience to come of this and so very very exciting. We don't know what or if any of this will do for the show. But what has happened right now with this particular step has been far greater than we could have hoped for. We are grateful beyond belief.

The audiences have been outstanding. We sold out 3 shows as no names to people who have been nothing but supportive and eager to be part of our journey and cheer this show on. They've given us amazing feedback and ideas. They've told friends and gotten excited and wished us luck in our next steps. It gives us hope that this can be a universal, wide reaching show that touches lives. Thank you thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and watched our work and the work of the fabulous performers.

So now what? After tomorrow night what next? Here's the reality....getting a show to Broadway is a huge gamble. And it takes years. It's more hard work than I can really grasp right now being already this exhausted. There is STILL a lot of work to be done on the show. Remember all that writing I spoke about? Yeah....more and more and more of that. The show will get another re write or two. There will be either workshops or maybe a festival or better yet, regional theatres and out of town try outs....all leading to what we hope is the achievement of what we want for this little piece of art. As long a road as this is going to be, with all the kindness and support we have received already, it doesn't feel as scary a process. We've been very fortunate to be surrounded by loving people. If they are any indication of what's ahead for this show, it will go great places I think! ;)

Tomorrow night is the last concert reading of 'Freedom's Song' at the Underground. But it's far from the end... Act 2 coming your way. Thank you from the bottom of both mine and Caleb's heart for everything with this performance. On to the next adventure! 

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