Monday, September 9, 2013


So I spent about 6 hours editing this....seriously. And this is the rough version. And why would I post a rough video edit you ask? Well because after 6 hours of screaming at my stubborn imovie, it decided to retaliate in the most awesome way possible (luckily AFTER I exported it) and delete the version I could go back and edit and fix all the little kinks in this. I need to meditate more in these So as it is, I apologize for the few sound debacles that happen (if in fact you notice them....I'm a neurotic perfectionist who obsesses over these things) but hope you enjoy this little intro to who we are, what we've been doing up to this point and at this point with our project! And the other lesson learned from this video....I talk a LOT. And Caleb knows how to sit and look pretty....we make a great


  1. I wish with all my heart we could be there for these previews...nevertheless when you take it to Broadway we will be there with bells on! Count on It!

    1. Oh Michelle THANK YOU! I will save you seats myself!