Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A story about a cat and a show...that has NOTHING to do with 'CATS'.

Yes this is a blog about a cat. It might be a long one...

Yes this pertains to my show....well and another.

And yes, if this does not make you all teary you have no soul....but we can still be friends... ;)

A few months back I posted a teary diatribe on facebook about getting emotional over a kitty. Of course this would not come as a shock to anyone who knows me well. If there is one other thing I am madly passionate about besides music theatre it's animals. I would have a zoo if I could. I try my hardest to not eat animal product, never wear it, cry at EVERY sad animal movie or Humane Society add and yes at times I berate and preach obnoxiously at my meat eating heathen friends....I'm terrible I know.

But back to the kitty.... I was walking down a street in our 'hood' one day and this little adorable ball of orange fluff was curled up on the sidewalk. I knelt down and called him and to my surprise he jumped in my lap! I was stunned as he nuzzled up to me and obviously wanted some love. Heart...melted. Done. I looked around and asked a few passerby's if they knew who he belonged to. Nothing. I put him down but not before I asked a local shop owner if they would feed him if I bought a bag of food. They obliged. The next time I saw kitty, apparently something had spooked him. He would not come near me....well, he would come near me but not close enough to touch BUT wanted attention. I was devastated. I felt like I should have helped him when I had the chance and now he was too scared to pick up... I came home crying much to Caleb's dismay as he HATES when I cry! Ha ha. Well, Caleb went on a short trip out of town and while he was gone kitty found his way to my block. I worked that entire week to warm him up to me. One day he decided he was done being scared, wanted to be saved and came right up to me and I scooped him up.

If you're one of those people who say 'animals don't have feelings they're just animals' you have obviously never held the body of a terrified little animal. I think somehow this little guy knew I was there to help him, but he shook and cried the entire walk home. I snapped this photo with him and immediately sent out the call to my friends in facebook land:

Come on....I mean come ON! Look at that scared, sweet face!!! 

As luck would have it, an old ship friend, Jessica Crouch (if you live in a town that gets national tours go watch her in 'We Will Rock You'...she for lack of a better word 'rocks' lol) who sang with my husband wrote me and said 'Contact my friend Kimberly Faye Greenberg she is interested in the cat!'

Hooray!!!! I wrote Kim and sent her the above picture. I knew we would get along swimmingly when she melted and swooned over those eyes as well! She wanted to meet him. We set up a time and she came over. It was love at first sight. But besides that, what I did not realize is that Kim is a well known Off Broadway actress. In fact she has the distinction of being the only woman to play leading roles in two Off Broadway shows at the same time. The girl is fabulous to say the least and an incredible human being on top of it. As I've said....greatness does not have to include ego.

Their first meeting. He immediately loved his new mommy!

So of course we got to talking about Freedom's Song and she said she had two friends I should meet. She had done an original musical at the New York Music Theatre Festival a little show that got a LOT of press called :

We invited Matt and Tim over with Kim for dinner and we all got on like a house on fire. The similarities to Caleb and I as writers was glaring and they had mounds of priceless advice for us as they were heading into looking for producers to head down the path to Broadway. They gave us the ins and outs of NYMF (which we're considering as an option right now....more to come!) and we shared music, laughed and ended the evening with some great new friends and updates on the sweet little kitty who was now home with his new mommy and had a new name 'Mickey' to go along with his new kitty sister 'Minnie'. Happiness all around!

The sweet, crazy boys of 'Ghostlight' Matt and Tim who obviously make a better duck face than

A few weeks later I was at Tim's birthday dinner and they mentioned they were not going to be using their old music director for an upcoming reading of their show. They asked about Caleb's and my schedules for the holidays. Caleb couldn't commit to anything and I asked them what they needed. They were knee deep in putting together what is called a professional 'industry reading' of the show. This is a huge step for a musical. They had already gathered some big Broadway names (Bob Cuccioli of Jekyll and Hyde fame to name one) to star and had the 42nd street studios booked and a slew of Broadway producers on the guest list to pitch the show as a whole for funding. I offered to look at the score for them after sending them my piano reel so they would know if I was even capable. They said I was and sent me their hardest song to practice and then decide after I played it. A few days later, we had dinner, I played and was hired. What am I thinking?!!?!? Lol.... No pressure. It's an honor and huge opportunity to say the least and working with such sweet and talented people as well as Broadway talent is a bonus not to mention Kim herself is cast as one of the leads and ALSO agreed to do OUR show. Another huge honor. More gratitude than I can possibly describe really.... Which brings us back to Mickey.

Mickey could care less about readings, actors, writers or any of it. He's happily snuggled at home with his mommy and kitty sister, warm, fed and loved. I don't know who should be more grateful in this scenario, me or him for the happy outcome of all this. Maybe Matt and Tim as well....although they find the story charming too....and of course Kim most definitely loves her new fur baby and gives me updates on him regularly.

Little buddy hiding in drawers and playing with Minnie...what a change from the frightened baby in the first pic huh?

Moral of the story? That stray cat you pass by or that sad homeless puppy....could not only benefit from your kindness but bring you happiness and friendship or circumstance you never dreamed, just by wanting to help and doing a good deed. I love that little ball of fluff. I'm so happy for him.

Content, sweet boy.

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  1. Lovely, endearing story about my "grandkitty"! Thanks for sharing and reaching out for animals. Please "click for free" at the animal rescue site,, which gives bowls of food to needy animals for every click. Good luck with "Ghostlight"!
    Michelle Greenberg